Nashville Mass Shooting Leaves Six Dead, Sparks Controversy

Photo by Bexar Arms on Unsplash

( – Following the school shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville on Monday, some on the right have started to blame the suspect’s gender identity for the shooting. They proceeded to link the shooting with the movement against transgender rights that has been going on across the nation. Thus far, there has been no information regarding the motives of the shooter.

The 28-year-old shooter, Audrey Hale, has been identified as a former student of the Covenant School. The shooting resulted in six deaths, with three 9-year-old students and three staff members losing their lives. The shooter was killed by the police on sight.

Republicans across the country have been pushing against trans literature from being available in school libraries and have also passed laws that stopped gender-affirming care from being available to trans youth. There has also been a general push and fight against the “woke agenda.” The fact that a trans shooter attacked a Christian school has led to many conservatives claiming that they were vindicated in their beliefs.

This past year, there have been dozens of mass shootings and according to the so far data, 98 percent of them have been carried out by men. However, some far-right politicians and activists are pointing to the Nashville shooting to claim that there is an “epidemic of trans/non-binary mass shooters,” as Donald Trump Jr. claimed on Twitter. However, there are no statistics to back these claims up.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Fox News host Laura Ingraham also suggested that the hormones and medications given for mental illnesses could have also contributed to the attack, however, it is unclear whether or not the shooter was indeed taking such drugs.

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