Native Americans Outlaw Republican Governor

Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash

( – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has faced consequences following her recent comments about enhancing security at the U.S.-Mexico border. Specifically, she suggested sending razor wire and security personnel to Texas, citing concerns about the infiltration of cartels into the state’s reservations.

In response to Governor Noem’s statements, Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out took to social media to issue a strong statement. He declared, “To ensure the safety of our Oyate, you are hereby banished from the homelands of the Oglala Sioux Tribe,” using “Oyate” to refer to the tribe or nation.

In a detailed four-page letter shared on Facebook, Star Comes Out accused Governor Noem of using the border issue for political gain. He asserted that her intentions included boosting her own political career and supporting former President Trump’s potential reelection.

Star Comes Out expressed his belief that many individuals arriving at the southern border seeking opportunities and a better life are indigenous people from countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. He strongly condemned any dehumanization or mistreatment of these individuals, referencing past incidents such as family separations and the use of razor wire during the Trump Administration.

Furthermore, Star Comes Out found offense in Governor Noem’s reference to the “Ghost Dancers” and her insinuation of cartel affiliations. He emphasized the deep significance of the Ghost Dance ceremony and accused Noem of displaying blatant disrespect and insulting the Oyate.

Governor Noem’s initial comments, made during a speech to the legislature, critiqued the border conditions, characterizing it as an invasion. She identified Mexican drug cartels as a shared concern impacting all 50 states, including South Dakota.

Responding to Star Comes Out’s comments, Governor Noem expressed regret that politics had been introduced into the discussion. She underscored her commitment to addressing federal government failures in enforcing laws at the southern border and on tribal lands, and she extended her willingness to collaborate with Native American tribes in the state.

Additionally, the response highlighted Governor Noem’s history of deploying South Dakota National Guard troops to the border and her acceptance of a $1 million donation to support a troop deployment in 2021, all within the context of the ongoing border debate.

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