New House Speaker Already Enraging MAGA

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – Newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson has only been in office for less than a week but he has still managed to anger some of the people in MAGA.

Conservatives have called Johnson out over being willing to give billions in aid to Israel. Many have also argued that the Speaker needed to place more of his attention on domestic policy.

Cynthia Holt, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, in a post about Johnson, stated that this was another case of Politicians not “putting America first.”

Similarly, Ryan Matta, a Rumble personality, argued in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, that Johnson was putting Israel first at a time when he knew that there were 4 million illegal immigrants who were traveling to the U.S. border through Mexico.

Last Wednesday, Johnson won the Speaker’s gavel. Since then, he has placed a lot of focus on Israel. His first action as Speaker was also to bring forward a resolution that condemned the Hamas attack while supporting Israel.

Over the weekend, Johnson visited the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, where he delivered a speech promising over $14.5 billion in a standalone aid package to be sent to Israel. Still, Johnson’s speakership is off to a tough start as many of the conservatives that had previously supported his speakership are now criticizing him for his legislative priorities.

One person, who described themselves as a patriot, wrote to Johnson that while it “might be a stretch,” he could instead choose to stand with America. Similarly, a different person said that if this was Johnson’s way of putting America first it could have fooled him.

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