New Method To Destroy Drug Use Sparks Controversy

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – Philadelphia Republican candidate for mayor David Oh recently spoke about his frustrations regarding the high crime and public drug use in the Kensington neighborhood. He claimed he had created a plan that would help clean up the streets while also stopping addicts from helplessly wandering around the area.

As he claimed, if they were able to completely get rid of Kensington Avenue then the people in the state would be much better off. If elected mayor, he was going to be using drones to detect any illegal activities that take place in the area. He was also going to empower law enforcement officers to be able to make aggressive arrests and destroy the drug haven that has developed.

Britt Carpenter, a local community advocate, along with Oh have criticized the policies followed by the city. However, Carpenter has stated that he is uncertain of whether Oh’s or his Democratic rival’s plans were going to help create a safer Kensington.

Oh argued that Philadelphia residents have seen the failure and that they were “dying” to have a completely different approach.

Mayor Jim Kenney’s spokesperson in a statement to Fox News noted that these were concerns the Democratic mayor shared regarding the safety of the residents and businesses in the area. They added that they were committed to finding a solution to the encampments and addressing the public nuisances and safety concerns in the Kensington neighborhood. As they pointed out, both businesses and residents should call 311 and use the online submission form to report any concerns they have and to inform authorities about any encampments.

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