New Technology To Stop Crime Revealed

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

( – DensityUSA has created a new disorienting fog technology that is part of a new security system that will be triggered when a store’s alarm goes off. This newest system is meant to help stop would-be thieves as crime has been increasing in many cities.

The technology is already being used in Australia and the European Union and according to the company’s president Mike Egel it is slowly starting to be used in the U.S.

Capital One Shopping Research found that in 2022, retail theft has resulted in stores losing approximately $86.6 billion. That amount is projected to reach $115 billion by 2025.

Egel told Fox News Digital that following the pandemic there was damage done to the “social and economic fabric” of the country. He added that while before the pandemic there had been a decline in crime, the lockdowns forced the country to take a step back, and now common sense was at “an all-time low.” He further claimed that this means that there has been a surge in crime, which is expected to continue climbing.

In order to address the rising crime rates, businesses have been forced to hide products or to get glass protective cases to lock their inventory in. Still, even these steps have not been enough to stop the smash-and-grab robberies which have allowed thieves to steal hundreds of items before any of the witnesses can look at them properly or the police can respond.

Egel has noted that once their fog system is activated, the fog creates a close-to-zero visibility scene which stops the culprits from leaving.

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