Pence Caught Secretly Helping Biden?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, Steve Bannon claimed that the discovery of classified documents in former Vice President Mike Pence’s possession was an attempt by Pence to help President Joe Biden, who is also facing an investigation over mishandling classified documents.

Bannon posted on his Gettr account calling the former vice president “Judas Pence” for attempting to provide cover for the president. Bannon had been an adviser in Trump’s administration and is currently the host of the War Room podcast. He is currently facing charges about possibly defrauding donors of the “We Build the Wall” campaign, which was supposed to help with the construction of a wall that would span the United States- Mexico border. Bannon has pleaded not guilty to all charges which include money laundering, conspiracy, and scheming to defraud investors.

According to recent reports, Pence’s classified documents were found on January 16. On January 18, Pence’s lawyer sent a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration informing them of the discovery. The FBI arrived at Pence’s Indiana home to take the documents that had been found.

Bannon’s comments don’t align with former President Trump’s earlier comments regarding the case, as Trump had called Pence “an innocent man” that had never “knowingly” done anything “dishonest in his life.”

Pence is not the only Republican to have received criticism from Bannon recently. Following his post on Pence, Bannon blasted Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for saying that he would be surprised to hear that there was anything “sinister” going on regarding Biden’s case of classified documents. In response, Bannon called Graham “a cancer” and said that his ideas regarding national security did not actually focus on securing the U.S.A.

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