Pentagon Official Doubles Down on Ensuring “National Security”

Photo by daniel james on Unsplash

( – Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks has discussed the Pentagon’s commitment to providing support for “nonbinary service members” and ensuring that any “unconscious bias” is dealt with as this will act as the key to ensuring national security and readiness.

During a recent Pride Event, Hicks talked about the military needing a cultural change. In June, during an event for the Association of LGBTQI+ Service Members, she noted that they were listening to service members and their needs and that they were working to ensure priority vis-à-vis military “readiness.”

She added that they have heard the concerns related to their policies for nonbinary service members. As she said they are completely committed to their resolve, which is something they have been committed to for the entire Biden administration. She continued by saying that their progress is in alignment with their goal of readiness and ensuring the well-being of their people.

The Pentagon also released a statement to Fox News Digital in which they argued that there were no specific “nonbinary” policies in place in the Defense Department.

Hicks’ spokesperson told Fox News Digital that what the deputy secretary had been referring to is the need for Americans to choose public service so that they could continue to have an all-volunteer force. They added that what she had been referring to is the need to ensure that all military members are safe and healthy, as this is important for ensuring the country’s readiness.

Hicks in her own statement also discussed how people’s trust in government institutions was eroding and proposed solutions for handling the recruiting challenges the country is facing.

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