Police Chief Deals Major Blow To Insane Democrats

Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – Crime rates in Philadelphia have increased over the years, which 2024 GOP candidate for mayor of Philadelphia David Oh has claimed is a result of the failed policies followed by the city to diminish the power given to police officers.

In an interview with Fox News, Oh stated that he was unsurprised by Danielle Outlaw’s decision to resign from being the city’s police commissioner. As he pointed out, Outlaw had felt “hamstrung” by having to deal with an administration that was putting strain on their relationship with the police force.

Mayor Jim Kenney’s office had announced that Outlaw was resigning on Tuesday. Outlaw has been serving as the police commissioner for three years, and as Oh pointed out during her time in service she has had to deal with several big incidents, including the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder in 2020 by police, the pandemic, the defund the police movement, and the mayor’s office rhetoric and weakness in dealing with crime.

In the last few years, there has been a large increase in the homicide rates in the city, when Outlaw took office in 2020 there were 499 homicides. However, when Kenney had become mayor in 2016 the number of homicides was at 277. Since then, there has been a further increase with 562 victims in 2021, and 516 victims in 2022.

Oh argued that Outlaw had attempted to do a “good job,” but that the police department’s morale was low and in order for them to be able to provide service to the city, the morale would need to be boosted. He added that the police force wanted to know that the commissioner was going to be someone who would have their back when they were doing their best and who would not allow misconduct in the force.

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