Pregnant Mother Fatally Shot in Horrendous Accident

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

( – On Friday, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby died after being fatally shot accidentally by her two year old boy.

On that afternoon, the police responded to an emergency phone call in Norwalk, Ohio. The Norwalk Police Department and local media have reported that the woman, Laura Ilg, 31, had informed dispatchers that her 2-year-old had managed to get his hands on a loose gun in the home and accidentally shot her in a freak accident. Ilg was shot in the back.

Ilg was hurried to a local Medical Center where she had to undergo an emergency C-section in an attempt to save her soon-to-be child. Unfortunately, however, the soon-to-be second child of Ilg could not be saved. To make matters worse, Ilg died three hours later during the early evening on the day of the accident. After the shooting, Ilg had first called her husband who was at work before making the 911 call.

By the time the officers reached her home, they needed to break down the door in order to enter. The mom and child were found in the upstairs bedroom where the police officers were able to take the SIG Sauer micro 9 mm handgun that was found at the scene.

Ilg told officers how the shooting had occurred. The police chief revealed to 19 News that there were many safety features in the house, but that the baby gates and bedroom door had both been accidentally left open. What’s more on the day of the accidental shooting the gun had just been left in a bedroom nightstand. The toddler was usually not allowed in the bedroom.

This tragedy should serve as a reminder for gun owners to properly store their firearms if they have young children in their homes. It is always recommended that your firearms are locked away in safe place, and unloaded.

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