Pro-Athlete Erupts on Biden for Abandoning Hawaii

Angry spray and foam sail skyward as wild waves pound the coastline off Kauai, Hawaii.

( – Kai Lenny, a professional surfer who resides in Maui has questioned what the federal government was doing in response to the wildfires that destroyed Maui in the past few days.

The people of Maui, as well as those residents coming from afflicted areas, have grown more and more frustrated as they have not seen any government employees in the past few days. Lenny, who is participating in the citizen-organized recovery efforts, pointed out that they were waiting for aid to arrive but nothing has happened. He added that following the devastation they were “just in shock.”

Lenny has also had contact with several people in affected areas that are in need of aid, and along with other locals they have provided help where possible. He added that they have brought supplies in anticipation of receiving help.

However, he added that throughout this time he has not seen a state, county, or federal employee in the area when there are people sleeping in cars and looking for supplies.

According to CBS, FEMA has reported that they have sent 300 employees to help in Maui, while the Red Cross has also sent 250 people to help.

Lenny added that the island’s west side resembled a “third-world country” and that oftentimes the local people who lived there felt like they were the last people that the government thought of, despite being the foundation of the island. He added that local volunteers have been attempting to help restore the island’s communities while also dealing with having lost their homes and loved ones.

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