Progressive Group Targets SCOTUS With Reforms

Marielam1, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Demand Justice, a progressive group focused on judicial issues, is initiating a substantial $10 million effort to promote reforms at the Supreme Court. This was reported by Politico. The group’s initiative centers on pushing for ethical reforms within the court and making its influence a central issue in the 2024 elections, particularly among women and young voters.

Skye Perryman, who recently joined Demand Justice as a senior adviser, expressed to Politico deep concerns about the state of the union, citing the actions of the current Supreme Court majority as a major contributing factor to the crisis. This initiative comes in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that differentiated between “absolute” immunity for presidents’ official acts versus their personal actions.

For years, Demand Justice has advocated for the expansion of the Supreme Court, particularly after the Republican Party blocked Merrick Garland’s nomination in 2016. Despite facing opposition from various quarters, including some Democrats, the organization aims to counteract the influence wielded by the conservative Federalist Society, which helped shape the judiciary during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Perryman highlighted the importance of constitutional mechanisms in these challenging times, stating, “We want the American people to know that our Constitution, even in this crisis, provides the tools for people to be able to fight back.”

The proposed reforms from Demand Justice include the establishment of an independent ethics office and an internal investigations council, as well as proposals to increase the number of justices or to limit their terms to 18 years. However, efforts to pass similar reforms in Congress have faced obstacles, such as last month when Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have established a binding code of conduct for the court.

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