Republican Governor Demands Judge Get Removed

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – Ron DeSantis has pushed to disqualify a federal judge appointed by former President Barack Obama from the lawsuit Disney recently filed against him. The governor’s attorney filed a motion in a federal court in Florida’s state capitol towards the end of last week, in which he is pushing for Judge Mark Walker to be removed from the case.

The Disney lawsuit accuses DeSantis and his allies  beneath him of violating the company’s First Amendment rights and a contract clause, by removing the special governing district that was previously controlled by supporters of the company. DeSantis’ actions all came after Disney publicly opposed its parental rights legislation dubbed by its critics “Don’t Say, Gay.”

The motion by DeSantis was filed one day after Disney announced that it was no longer going to be moving forward with its plans to build a new campus in central Florida, which would have led to 2,000 employees being relocated from Southern California. The decision came in the middle of the company’s ongoing feud with DeSantis.

In his motion, DeSantis claimed that Walker has referenced his feud with Disney twice in the past during two hearings that were unrelated to this case.

One of the two cases in question was filed by Florida professors who challenged a new law by creating a survey about “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” on state campuses.

The case was thrown out by Walker after it was determined that the professor did not have the required standing in order to champion the DeSantis-backed law.

In this case, the judge pointed out that there was nothing in the record that stated something along the lines of “ now going to take away Disney’s special status because they’re woke?”

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