Republican Governor Says He Will Support Trump Indefinitely

Rich Girard, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) on Sunday once again expressed that he would be supporting whoever the 2024 Republican nominee was, even if it ended up being former president Donald Trump.

During an interview on CBS News’s “Face the Nation,” Sununu was asked by host Margaret Brennan repeatedly whether he would support Trump if he hypothetically ended up being the party’s nominee. The governor had previously argued that Trump was going to be harmful to the GOP in down-ballot races.

Sununu has backed former UN ambassador Nikki Haley in the party’s primary race and has often blasted Trump for not having done more during his one term in the White House. He has also criticized the former president for the actions he had taken on Jan. 6, 2021, and over the several indictments he is facing.

Sununu was asked by Brennan whether his position had changed or whether he no longer felt as strongly about these convictions. However, Sununu was quick to say that he still felt strongly about them.

Brennan proceeded to cut him off to ask whether he would back Trump if he ended up being the party’s nominee.

Sununu answered that he would support him and that he had never said that he would not back Trump.

However, as Brennan pointed out he had previously claimed that Trump’s nomination would be harmful. Sununu agreed with that but said that as a Republican he would be supporting Trump.

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