Republicans Accused of Destroying Middle Class

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, the White House blasted the long-awaited debt limit proposal that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) had announced a day prior.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in a statement noted that Speaker McCarthy’s plan showed that he had “sided with the extreme MAGA wing of his conference” in creating and releasing a “blueprint to devastate hard-working American families.” She proceeded to argue that MAGA House Republicans are attempting to hold the economy hostage and to cut many programs that Americans rely on in order to “make ends meet.”

The bill would be followed by a debt ceiling increase that would help the government continue for the next year. McCarthy has also noted that there were going to be around $4.5 trillion in savings generated by cuts on many of Biden’s priorities.

The debt limit would be increased by $1.5 trillion or through March 31, 2024. It also argued that discretionary spending should be capped to fiscal 2022 levels, while also limiting growth to 1 percent annually over the next decade.

On Thursday, Jean-Pierre suggested that the House Republicans who support this bill would be voting to cut spending on “education, veterans medical care, cancer research, meals on wheels, food safety, and law enforcement.” She continued by arguing that these cuts would also reduce Americans’ access to healthcare and food assistance programs for older Americans and could also lead to higher energy bills and taxes.

As she noted, this plan is completely opposite to the propositions made in President Biden’s budget which would have helped cut the deficit by ensuring that the super-wealthy and largest corporations are paying “their fair share.”

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