Republicans Defy Biden, Secure Southern Border

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter to announce that the border wall between Texas and Mexico was going to continue being constructed. Abbott posted on Twitter that the state was constructing its own wall.

Construction of the wall was able to continue after discussions with private landowners who allowed for the wall to be on their land.

There is also a video accompanying the post which shows construction workers connecting the different wall parts. Abbott can also be seen in the video next to a sign that reads, “Securing the border.” The footage comes after on Jan. 30 Abbott appointed veteran Border Patrol agent Mike Bans as the first-ever border czar.

Abbott has been incredibly critical of the Biden administration in the past year for allowing an “open border” policy that has enabled thousands of migrants to cross into the country over the past year. In the last fiscal year, there was a record-high number of illegal crossings into the country.

The border wall construction project has been approved by the Texas Facilities Commission. The $167 million contract was awarded to Southwest Valley Constructors Co. which will handle the construction of the border wall in the Del Rio area.

A second contract was awarded to the construction company BFBC of Texas. They were set to build a second seven-mile wall in the Rio Grande Valley.

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