Republicans Taking Over in One State, Liberals Stunned

Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

( – In Pennsylvania, the top political analysts have argued that there was an electoral and demographic shift in the country which is moving in a direction that will be most beneficial to the Republicans. The latest figures from the commonwealth have shown that in the last two months, there have been over 10,000 new registrants in the GOP. 

The Department of State in Pennsylvania data, as analyzed by SpotlightPA and Politics PA, two news outlets, showed that in Pennsylvania there had been a big increase in the number of Republican registrants since late March. At the same time, while the GOP gained close to 11,000 registrants, the Democrats have lost around 4,600 people. Around 20,000 Democrats have also selected to de-register as independents or third-party voters, or completely switch parties. 

Previously, Pennsylvania could be considered a battleground state where the gubernatorial seat would flip every couple of terms. There was also a wide range of U.S. senators who represent the entire political spectrum. However, political strategists have suggested that according to the latest figures the Republican party might be able to have a big celebration in November, even though in recent years the Democrats had been more successful in the state. 

Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro managed to defeat retired Army Col. and state Sen. Doug Mastriano in 2022 and stop the gubernatorial seat from flipping after the terms served by Democrat Tom Wolf. In 2020, former President Donald Trump also lost the state to President Joe Biden.

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