Republicans Team Up With Democrats, Target MAGA

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – The House Republicans have thus far been unable to advance their military spending vote. As a result, eight Republican members who belong to districts that President Joe Biden had won in 2020, took to the Capitol steps to speak out against the MAGA faction of their party.

Traditionally, the Republican party has been focused on supporting defense bills, however, the inability to pass this bill has led to concerns about the GOP being unable to unify and vote on a temporary stopgap spending bill which would help the government avoid a shutdown after September 30. There are also concerns about House Republicans being able to pass the 12 appropriation bills that would be required for the government to be funded through the next year.

New York Republican Representative Mike Lawler stated that none of them supported a possible shutdown and that this situation was frustrating in terms of how some of their colleagues were approaching negotiations with the conference.

The “rule vote” had been objected to by Reps. Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Dan Bishop, Matt Rosendale and Ralph Norman.

Throughout this Congress, the Republican party has had to deal with hardline conservatives. Speaker Kevin McCarthy had to appease many of the demands of the MAGA faction in order to win the House Speakership in January. However, since then many conservative members have made further demands and have often threatened to use a “motion to vacate” to oust McCarthy from his position.

So far, moderates have been backing McCarthy’s bills even when they included conservative provisions that they would not have been in support of usually.

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