Republicans Worried Mike Johnson Could Cost Them the Senate

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Republican Senators are worried that if Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) pushes forward with his plan for national abortion legislation ahead of the 2024 election, their chances of winning back the Senate will become slimmer.

Johnson, who has stated that his politics are guided by his worldview as a Christian conservative and the Bible, continues to be a mystery to the Republican senators who met him for the first time last week on Wednesday. Prior to becoming the House Speaker, the 51-year-old Representative had not been very well known.

Following his election as the new speaker, many media reporters have covered his policies and have focused on the work he did during his time as a lawyer for a conservative law firm. They have also pointed out the conservative stance he has taken on an array of issues including gay rights, abortion, and what place religion should have in public life.

In 2005, Johnson had written in an op-ed that abortion was a “holocaust.” In 2021, he was the co-sponsor of the Heartbeat Protection Act which would require physicians to not perform abortions when a heartbeat could be detected. Performing an abortion after that time could result in criminal penalties. However, the Act did include an exception for cases where the life of the mother was endangered.

In February, he introduced legislation to the House that would make it illegal for minors to be transported across state lines to get an abortion without satisfying parental involvement law.

Based on all of his previous legal activities, many have questioned whether Johnson would use his new position to bring the abortion debate to the House floor and restrict abortion across the nation.

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