Secret Service Investigating Hunter Biden

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – Hunter Biden was reportedly not at the White House when the cocaine was discovered by Secret Service agents, however, that has not stopped allegations that he was in some way linked to the discovery.

A White House pool reporter noted that they had seen Hunter Biden enter a presidential SUV on Friday in order to accompany President Biden and other family members to Camp David. Hunter Biden, along with his wife and son Beau, is set to return to the White House on Tuesday along with his parents.

On Tuesday evening, the Biden family was seen watching the July Fourth fireworks from the White House balcony, after the President welcomed military families on the South Lawn for the Independence Day celebrations.

However, the discovery of a white powder, which was later found to be cocaine, has led to many alleging that the drug might be connected to Hunter Biden, who is a recovering addict who had previously referred to his addiction to crack cocaine in his 2021 memoir. Following his recent plea agreement with federal prosecutors in June, where Hunter Biden is set to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses, Hunter has repeatedly been seen with his father at the White House. This has prompted certain people to believe that he is now living there.

Still, there is no evidence to suggest that the substance discovered was connected to Hunter Biden. A source familiar with the investigation revealed that the substance had been found in the West Wing, in one of the work areas. The West Wing is connected to the executive mansion where the President lives, and houses the Oval Office and other rooms and work spaces for staff.

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