State Bans Gas-Powered Landscaping Tool

Photo by Petar Tonchev on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Ann Arbor’s city council in Michigan had a unanimous vote banning gasoline-powered leaf blowers. The machine has been banned because of the health and noise issues it can lead to.

The law has been debated for weeks and was originally sponsored by council members Dharma Akmon, Jen Eyer, and Jenn Cornell. Prior to the vote, the public hearing gave the 10 council members the opportunity to hear mixed feedback about the law. One lawn care contractor who made his opinion known during the hearing argued that having to switch to electric leaf blowers by 2028 was going to cost his business thousands of dollars.

The phase-out process is going to provide businesses with a four-year period during which they can make the switch. This is intended to lessen the economic hardship they are going to face according to Cornell.

The new law will mean that gas blowers will be completely banned starting on Jan. 1, 2028. Before that period, they will be allowed to be used from October to May. However, even post 2028 there will be some exceptions to the law, as gas leaf blowers will still be available to those doing paving, sidewalk, or street construction work. The tool can also still be used in emergency situations and for post-emergency property restoration as it will help with clearing the debris from the streets.

For those who don’t abide by the new rules, there will be a penalty, with first offenses having a $100 fee, while additional offenses will have a penalty of $250.

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