State Cuts Federal Education Funding?

Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

( – Tennessee legislators are examining the possibility of replacing federal funding for public education with state funding. The Republican-led state announced that a panel would be formed to examine the effect that federal funding has had on the Tennessee education system, as well as to look at conditions that are associated with it.

Cameron Sexton, the Republican House Speaker stated that whenever the federal government provides funds, there are certain conditions attached to them. He added that it could also potentially pave the way for further restrictions and regulations within the state. The panel would be tasked with finding out how much autonomy the state had when it came to student’s education.

In the past, Tennessee has turned into one of the most conservative states in the country. As part of their more conservative regulations, the state has opposed red flag laws, banned sex changes for minors, and has put in place measures to protect children from sexually explicit shows.

On Monday, Sexton announced that a 10-member Joint Working Group would be created to look into whether the state would be able to replace federal funding with state funding. The panel will be made up of both state House and Senate members, with two Democrats and eight Republicans being selected.

Previously Sexton had put forward a proposal that would turn down the $1.8 billion in federal education funding, however, the proposal did not move through the regular legislative session. At the time the state House Speaker had claimed that Tennessee could become the leader in telling the federal government that they did not need their funds and that things would be done in the way that Tennessee wanted.

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