State Now Considers Changing ‘Racist’ Flag

This vector image includes elements that have been taken or adapted from this file: Seal of Minnesota (1858–1971).svg., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – In Minnesota, the state government’s new commission is going to be looking into ways to create a flag that would be less “racist” towards Native Americans. The public has also had the opportunity to send a number of “qualifying designs” that would help better the state’s flag.

The state flag also includes a modified version of the Minnesota field on a blue field. The flag’s first version was first introduced in 1893. However, there are many who have criticized the flag for how it depicts Native Americans.

University of Minnesota urban studies professor William Lindeke called out the flag for being “racist and ugly.” He further stated that the flag is a representation of genocidal feelings from White people. As he pointed out, the flag is a representation of white Minnesotans who at the time had been trying to eliminate Native Americans from their homeland. He added that both the flag and the seal are a representation of the sentiments that resulted in the Dakota people’s genocide. He further pointed out that this is something that should not be celebrated at all by the people of the state.

Lindeke also added that the Minnesota flag in particular was very offensive and it was one of the worst flags in the country. As he noted there was not a lot that could be said in support of the state flag of Minnesota. However, as he pointed out it was a reflection of the racism that characterized the history of the state.

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