Stunning New Discovery Made About Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – Democrats won’t leave Justice Clarence Thomas alone, this time going after additional trips he was gifted by Republican mega donor Harlan Crow.

As part of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ethics investigation into the Supreme Court, Chairman Dick Durban (D-Illinois) revealed the committee had uncovered at least three more trips Thomas was gifted by Crow.

On Thursday, Durbin revealed that the panel had received additional information from Crow that Thomas had taken three trips and six flights on Crow’s private jet from 2017 to 2021.

The committee had also uncovered travel by private jet during trips Thomas took to Indonesia and California, which the Supreme Justice disclosed in an amendment to a financial disclosure report published in 2019.

The revelations come amid the Democratic-led Judiciary Committee’s year-long probe into conservative Supreme Court Justices after reports revealed Thomas had received lavish gifts, including international travel he hadn’t disclosed.

Since the start of the investigation, the committee has pushed SCOTUS to adopt a more stringent ethics code.

In a statement about the discovery, Durbin suggested the information made it “crystal clear” that the nation’s highest court requires an “enforceable code of conduct,” because of Justice’s reluctance to “meet the moment.”

The court is yet to comment on the latest Senate report.

However, Thomas has defended himself in the past from vicious attacks about his failure to disclose. The conservative Justice has explained he wasn’t required to disclose the trips paid for by Crow and his wife Kathy, describing the couple as among his “dearest friends” and adding that the couple didn’t have “business before the Court.”

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