Teenage Barber Reminds America What Life Is All About

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – Darnell Wells might be only 19 but he is making a huge difference in his community in Memphis, Tennessee. The teen who works as a barber at The Shop, in Frayser, decided this summer to start bringing his services to those who could not necessarily come to his corner chair.

As he revealed, when he first started giving free haircuts to the homeless people in his area he had not expected how many people would be helped. As he stated, from the start, his intention was to help as many people as possible.

Originally, when Wells started from his red lawn chair, there were only two people there. However, by the end he had ended up giving a haircut to nine people and five more were waiting. His friend Zac Sherrod who was also there assisted by bringing burgers for the homeless that he had paid for out of pocket.

Since then, their small act of kindness has gone viral, with many sharing the story. As Wells said originally, they had not been planning on sharing this endeavor at all, but he had then decided to share it in the hopes that someone else might be inspired and might end up helping others.

Wells also shared that all of the conversations with his clients had been very special as people shared their life stories and how they had ended up hopeless. He added that he was hoping to take all he had learned and use it in his next act of kindness.

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