To What Extent Is the Media Working for Biden?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The link between the media elites and politicians has become a lot more prevalent in recent years with many people wondering whether it is possible to get “objective media” rather than partisan politics nowadays.

NBC News recently announced that their Saturday “Today” news program was going to feature a new co-host, legal correspondent Laura Jarrett. Jarrett is the daughter of former White House aide to the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett who is now serving as a senior adviser for the Obama Foundation. This is not her only connection to the political space, as she is a former Liberal Party member of the Canadian Parliament Bas Balkissoon’s daughter-in-law.

Jarrett first started having a place in “objective media” in 2016 when she joined CNN but in January of this year, she was brought into NBC. Previously she had made appearances on NBC shows to discuss the scandals surrounding former President Donald Trump.

Jarrett is going to be the replacement of White House correspondent Kristen Welker who is going to be moved to Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” Welker, who is also a registered Democrat, has a strong connection to the party as her parents have donated thousands of dollars over the years. According to reports, they have donated $20,000 to Barack Obama, $3,300 to President Joe Biden in 2020, and $2,000 to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Another “objective” media host with a connection to politics is “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, whose wife Kristian Denny Todd has been working as a strategist and direct-mail fundraiser for Democratic candidates.

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