Top Democrat Fume at CNN Over Debate

Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, CA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Democratic Rep. James Clyburn wants more live fact-checking in the next presidential debate.

Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash, Clyburn (D-South Carolina) suggested the next presidential debate should have more live fact-checking after the network was criticized for a lack of fact-checking during Thursday’s presidential debate.

Clyburn revealed he was uncertain about whether President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump should have a second debate, pointing to the lack of live fact-checking as a possible reason Biden didn’t perform as well as expected.

Clyburn made the remarks to Bash, who had moderated Thursday’s debate, stating that he believed Biden would “do well” with a second debate, depending on the rules. The South Carolina Democrat noted he didn’t “like the debate” where fact-checking wasn’t part of it, explaining a candidate could say anything, even if they know they’re lying.

Referencing Trump, Clyburn suggested, “The guy told 30 some odd lies,” and wasn’t fact-checked by the moderators, leaving it up to Biden to do that.

Clyburn added that Thursday’s debate wasn’t “the way to plan the debate,” claiming that “whoever… agreed to that… should think about what they’re doing.”

Bash pushed back by highlighting Biden’s team had agreed to the debate terms. 

CNN, alongside several outlets, released fact-checks after the debate concluded. However, Bash and co-moderator Jake Tapper hadn’t conducted real-time fact-checking.

Clyburn’s complaints also come after Biden’s terrible debate performance — which White House officials blamed on the President’s cold — has caused several Democrats to urge Biden to step down and allow someone else to step up to lead the party to victory in November.

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