Top Journalist Warns Americans To Wake Up Now

Photo by Josh Johnson on Unsplash

( – Bari Weiss, a journalist and Free Press editor, is calling for Americans to pay more attention and try to comprehend the importance of the recent attacks in Israel as the number of deaths continues to climb. On Saturday, Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, launched an unprecedented attack against Israel.

Weiss pointed out that since the first attack, more details have been revealed about the attack and that she would continue to report on these stories in order to ensure that everyone would “wake up” to them.

In an interview on “America’s Newsroom,” Weiss added that her focus was going to be on sharing these stories so that people could understand that everything that was currently occurring was not simply another war in the region, but rather a massacre. Weiss proceeded to tell Dana Perino and Bret Baer that the attack that had unfolded over the last 72 hours had been the biggest “slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust.” She added that during the World War, it had taken the Allied forces a year to discover all the atrocities that the Nazis had been part of, Hamas was broadcasting their actions every day on TikTok and through the usage of drones.

She then pushed for Americans to take a closer look at everything that was now occurring as it was not normal. She also stated that Americans needed to be focused on what was occurring in Israel as this conflict was about “civilizations.”

Perino pointed out to Weiss that in a recent Gallup poll 9it was found that support for Israel among Democrats had dropped to 38 percent from 55 percent a decade earlier. In response, Weiss argued that this decline had been caused by the anti-Jewish ideology that was being included in many American institutions.

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