Top Republican’s Re-Election Chances in Danger?

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

( – South Carolina’s 1st District Republican primary is set to take place within the next few days, however, with three strong candidates, incumbent Rep. Nancy Mace might find herself in a June 25 runoff election. 

While Mace has received an endorsement from former President Trump, as well as Palmetto State Gov. Henry McMaster, she is still going to face a challenging race. One source close to the governor argued that McMaster had seen that Nancy was leading in the polls and that he believed providing his endorsement would help push her to the top. The source also pointed out that the governor did not have any use for former state director of labor Catherine Templeton who is running against Mace. Templeton had previously opposed the governor’s 2018 run during the Republican primary. 

In 2017 Templeton and Mace had been reported as being finalists for the Trump administration’s secretary of labor position. Both of them are big supporters of the former president, anti-illegal immigration and pro-life. 

Still, Mace is a controversial figure as there are reports about a high staff turnover, and charges that she had been reimbursed more money than her official spending was. Many Republicans have also slammed her for being one of the eight lawmakers who had sided with the Democrats to oust former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. 

The former speaker had assisted Mace in overcoming the 2020 primary challenge but now his focus is on getting her out of her seat. Majority Committee PAC, which is his personal PAC, has donated $10,000 in support of Templeton. 

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