Trump Shares Extremely Controversial Image

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Donald Trump has been slammed after he shared an image of himself standing in front of a burning White House on the Fourth of July. Trump took to Truth Social throughout the day to post many memes that mocked President Biden and attack Special Counsel Jack Smith who is handling the two investigations against Trump. He also posted polls that show him to be the clear leader in the 2024 GOP primary and other positive news stories about himself.

In one of his posts, Trump reshared a meme from another account which featured an image of himself standing in front of a burning White House with the caption “Trump was right.”

The Patriot Takes Twitter account also commented on the post that Trump had shared. As a reply, the @SandalWoodKnot account noted that Trump “as proud and patriotic as ever” had posted a photo of the White House being burned down in order to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

Author, journalist, and attorney Seth Abramson also commented on Trump’s post, arguing that the former President wanted people to be afraid and divided and that he did not believe in democracy. He proceeded to argue that he is a danger to the country and that he should be in federal prison not on the ballot. Twitter user Daniel Hansen, in response to this post, stated that it appears like Trump is actually watching the building burn, which is fairly accurate as he was the one to ignite the fire.


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