Trump Talks About Possibility of Gaza Refugees Coming To U.S.

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

( – On Monday, former President Donald Trump called for all refugees from Gaza to be blocked from entering the United States while also promising to reinstitute and “expand” his travel ban if he wins back the White House. The travel ban was first rescinded in 2021 by President Joe Biden when he started his first term in office.

During a recent campaign event, Trump stated that there should not be anyone from Somalia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, or even Gaza allowed to enter the country. He also called for a ban on anyone who could be a threat to the country’s national security. Trump noted that during his time in office, he had blocked all refugees from Somalia, Syria, and other dangerous places in the world from entering the United States. He then added that if he wins a second term in office he is going to expand every single one of the travel bans he had previously put in place.

In 2015, before being elected to the White House, Trump had proposed that there should be a complete ban on all Muslims who were attempting to enter the country. When elected in office he signed a sweeping executive order that set a travel ban on five Muslim-majority countries, which included Yemen, Syria, Iran, Somalia, and Libya, as well as on those coming from Venezuela and North Korea.

During his 2024 presidential campaign, Trump is now arguing that the ban should be expanded to block all those attempting to enter the country from Gaza. Some of Trump’s supporters in Iowa agreed with this call for an expansion of the ban.

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