Trump Targets Donors of DeSantis

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former President Donald Trump is trying to move against Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who is widely expected to be his biggest challenger in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. Trump has directly reached out to DeSantis’ donors in an attempt to steal away some of his biggest supporters.

In a memo sent to DeSantis’ donors, Trump’s campaign tried to paint the former president as the GOP nominee while calling for the donors to change sides. The Trump campaign further noted in the memo that there are two things that are very clear – the first is that Trump’s numbers are increasing, and the second is that DeSantis’ are “collapsing.” They further wrote that this is the best time to show their support and join Trump’s campaign efforts.

The memo was in equal parts calling for donors to support Trump and trying to throw DeSantis under the bus. What became clearer is how the Trump campaign is going to try and use the polling numbers and Trump’s position in them in order to help further boost up the former President. In recent weeks, despite his indictment by a New York Court, Trump has managed to see a large increase in support. On Tuesday, Trump was arraigned in connection to hush money payments made prior to the 2016 presidential election.

The email link provided in the three-page memo redirected people to Trump’s Donation page. The memo was reportedly crafted by campaign pollster John McLaughlin.

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