Trump Warns Americans About Second Amendment

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, former President and the GOP’s presumptive presidential candidate, Donald Trump declared Democrats were putting the Second Amendment “under siege.” The former President continued, claiming Democrats are putting the U.S. Constitution “through the shredder.” 

Trump made the remarks in Dallas, Texas, where he spoke to the NRA Leadership Forum. The former President told attendees that having “crooked Joe Biden” as the President meant “everything” they “stand for” was “under threat” unlike anything witnessed before. 

Trump reiterated his earlier stance, going off the teleprompter, that the “Second Amendment is under siege.” The presumptive GOP nominee lamented the border being “obliterated” and decried inflation, which he noted is “raging right now again.”

Trump concluded his remarks which were aired on NewsMax by suggesting the country “is going to hell,” noting that “ruthless criminals” and rapacious gangs” were terrorizing the nation’s streets, adding that adding that Biden’s “weakness” meant the world was “teetering… on the edge of World War III.”

Trump has been actively campaigning when he isn’t present at his Manhattan hush money trial, which is nearing it’s end. At a recent campaign event in New Jersey, Trump addressed 100,000 supporters — a crowd that had Democrats concerned about the former President’s lead over Biden in several states. 

The presumptive GOP nominee has also been outperforming Biden in recent polling — especially in swing states where Trump has as much as a double-digit lead over Biden. But the former President hasn’t let that lead go to waste, using every opportunity to campaign. 

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