Trump’s Promise to the World Enrages Democrats

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump vowed while speaking in front of his supporters at a rally in New Hampshire that he was going to help restore the country’s “strength, power, and prestige.”

As he stated, for him having America have “peace through strength” is a moral obligation rather than a political slogan and it was what he was committing to do for everyone in America. He added that if he wins back the office he would work to restore American strength and would be a peacemaker for the country.

During the rally, Trump also took the opportunity to make a number of similar comments, and he even reminded his supporters that he was the only candidate who could stop an upcoming World War III that would be the result of the actions taken by President Joe Biden.

As he stated, regardless of which political party everyone belongs to, no one wanted to see their children drafted into the army and being required to fight in far-off lands. He added that if people did not want to see the American economy destroyed and did not want to have American blood spilled across the world, then they only had one choice in the upcoming election and that was to vote for him.

He further repeated his vow to restore his administration’s “travel ban” from majority Muslim nations that support Middle Eastern terrorist proxies and that hate the U.S. He further stated he would launch an investigation across the nation to force the expulsion of protesters that have supported Hamas, as well as of illegal aliens and human traffickers.

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