VIDEO: Democrat Attacks Bar Staff

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D), from Pennsylvania, has come under scrutiny after a recent video of him was shared on social media in which he appears to be harassing bartenders at a restaurant.

The video was captured at Gaul and Co. Malt House in Rockledge Township, Pa., and has resulted in Boyle being investigated for his aggressive behavior as he threatened to shut the bar down. In the video, he can be heard arguing that he could “end this bar” and later on proceeded to say that he would do it and that this bar was “done.” He continued by questioning whether the bartender knew who he was and argued that the bar would be done for tomorrow.

The Montgomery County Chief of Police informed reporters that on Thursday a 911 call had been made from the bartender which resulted in them going to the scene at around 12:18 a.m. However, no charges were placed against Boyle as there is no evidence that he had told reporters that law enforcement officers arrived at the restaurant around 12:18 a.m. on Thursday following a 911 call from the bartender.

Boyle has not been charged with any crime and police say there is no evidence of him getting into a vehicle following the altercation.

Pennsylvania House Democratic Leadership put out a statement after the incident in which they stated that they were aware of the video that had been circulating online and that Boyle has been open about his personal challenges. They continued by noting their commitment to delivering mental health services which as they argued did not stop at the Capitol Steps.


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