Voters’ Top 2024 Concern Finally Revealed

Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash

( – On Monday, a new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll was released which found that immigration was now the top policy concern among voters.

In the survey, 35 percent of respondents claimed that among all policy issues, their primary concern was immigration, while 32 percent stated the same about inflation.

Inflation was previously the top concern among voters, but recently immigration has become an important issue, jumping 7 percentage points since the previous poll from a month ago.

Outside of inflation and immigration, other top issues for voters are the “economy and jobs” which was mentioned as a top concern by 26 percent. Tied at 16 percent were healthcare and “crime and drugs,” while national security and deficit were both at 14 percent. Finally, 13 percent of respondents named the environment and corruption as a top concern.

Still, the majority of respondents agreed that the issue that had the most effect on them personally was inflation. 38 percent of respondents argued that inflation had a direct effect on them while only 17 percent stated the same about immigration. The percentage of people claiming to be impacted by immigration has increased by 3 percent since the previous survey.

Ten percent of respondents had stated that climate change and crime had affected them directly respectively, while another 7 percent of respondents had spoken about the effects of racial equity and abortion on their lives.

Immigration and Inflation are likely to be the top issues discussed in the upcoming election, and are the two issues that the Republicans have placed at the top of their agenda.

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