White House National Security Adviser Speaks on Biden’s Relationship With Israel

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – On Sunday, during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, insisted that President Joe Biden was still ensuring Israel had what it needed to defend itself against Hamas.

Sullivan’s comments on ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” come amid reports that Biden has threatened to withhold offensive weapons from the Israeli military if the Jewish state moves ahead with a full-scale attack on Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold in Gaza.

Sullivan claimed that no one had been “a stronger supporter of Israel” than President Biden, insisting the President “has sent enormous amount of capability” to allow Israel to defend itself against Hamas.

Sullivan then emphasized that Biden had “made clear” he would continue assisting Israel with “what it needs to defend itself.”

Yet, the White House national security adviser admitted that Biden had “concerns” that Israel would carry out a “full-scale military invasion of Rafah,” which would affect the one million people sheltering there, “who have been pushed there” by the “military operations in the rest of Gaza.”

Therefore, Sullivan highlighted that an Israeli invasion of Rafah would result in “significant civilian casualties,” adding that although the IDF would “kill some Hamas folks” since they’re dealing with “terrorists” and not “organized fighters,” the result on civilians could be catastrophic.

Sullivan also attempted to put reports to bed that Biden would “abandon Israel” or cut off their provision of weapons, instead explaining that the Biden administration didn’t “want to see American weapons used” in the kind of operation that could put civilians at risk in Rafah.

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