White House’s Plan to Target the 2nd Amendment

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – The Biden administration has recently proposed a series of gun safety measures for states to adopt, continuing its efforts to address gun violence. Vice President Harris is set to meet with state legislators from across the nation to introduce the Safer States Initiatives, a program designed to provide states with the necessary resources and support to reduce gun violence and save lives.

As a key part of this initiative, the White House has identified six principal actions for states to consider. These include establishing an Office of Gun Violence Prevention, similar to the one President Biden introduced at the federal level in September. This move is aimed at coordinating and enhancing efforts to tackle gun violence.

Additionally, the administration is advocating for states to invest in established gun violence prevention strategies. This includes the implementation of red flag laws, which enable law enforcement to temporarily remove firearms from individuals considered a danger to themselves or others.

The recommendations also emphasize the importance of supporting gun violence survivors and victims, banning assault weapons, strengthening background check systems, and mandating the secure storage of firearms.

Stefanie Feldman, who leads the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, noted that state legislators have been seeking advice on the most effective measures to reduce gun violence. The agenda set to be presented by Vice President Harris aims to outline these best practices.

In a related development, the Justice Department has introduced model legislation to guide states in mandating the safe storage of firearms. This is in response to the frequent use of unsecured home firearms in school shootings. The department is also preparing model legislation to help states enforce laws requiring the prompt reporting of lost or stolen firearms.

The White House has extended invitations to legislators from both parties for the meeting, although it remains uncertain if any Republicans will participate.

President Biden has been actively addressing gun violence since his inauguration, including executive actions targeting untraceable ghost guns and enhancing background checks. In September, he established the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, focusing particularly on mass shootings, and has repeatedly urged Congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban.

Despite these efforts, the nation continues to grapple with gun violence. President Biden has responded to several mass shootings, including a recent incident in Lewiston, Maine, that resulted in 18 fatalities, and another at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where three faculty members were killed.

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