White House’s Shocking Confession About Biden

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – The White House has repeatedly claimed that President Biden had been aware of what Hunter Biden, his son, was intending to say during his press conference outside the Capitol on Wednesday. In his remarks, Hunter had slammed the House GOP over their probe into his business activities. 

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has continued to avoid any questions relating to whether or not Hunter Biden intends to comply with the congressional subpoena for testimony. However, she has confirmed that the President had been aware to an extent of the statements that his son would be making. 

Jean-Pierre argued that the reporters needed to address those questions to the representatives of Hunter Biden, as the President’s son was a private citizen. She added that the President was familiar to an extent with what his son had been intending to say and that the statement from Hunter Biden had come “from the heart.” 

Jean-Pierre pointed out that as she has repeatedly stated, both President Biden and his wife Jill Biden are proud of Hunter Biden’s efforts to rebuild his life and they are very “proud” of him. 

On Wednesday morning, Hunter Biden stated during a press conference outside the Capitol complex, that for six years he has been targeted by former President Donald Trump, with him often questioning where he is. He added that he was here and that he was there to state clearly that his father had not been financially involved in his business. 

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