Why 2023 Is Critical For Republicans

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is going to be seeking reelection while Republicans are going to be trying to gain full control of the Virginia Legislature. There are also gubernatorial elections in Louisiana and Mississippi, while a Democratic governor has managed to win another term in red-state Kentucky.

While politics in 2023 are going to mainly be focused on the presidential race, voters across the nation will need to decide which candidates they would prefer for their lower-profile election races within their states. These decisions could also provide perspective into where voters believe the country should go.

Republicans are most likely going to try to connect Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear to President Joe Biden and other liberal Democrats, while Beshear will be making his reelection bid. As Kentucky is a strong GOP stronghold, Beshear will have to distance himself from Biden. In a recent interview with the Associated Press, he noted, “This race isn’t going to be about the White House.”

Instead, he pointed out that the race will be focused on the lives of Kentuckians. He added that the last elections made it clear that people cared about whether or not you have a plan, and that people care to have someone talk to them, not just use “national talking points.”

State GOP spokesperson Sean Southard in a statement earlier this month noted that the GOP believes that “fundamentals” are going to be the key to defeating Beshear in the next election, once the party selects its nominee.

There are currently about a dozen Republicans in the race, including former U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft, state Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, and Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who has already received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement.

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