You Won’t Believe Why This Delta Flight Was Canceled

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Delta Air Lines canceled a flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta as many of the passengers suffered from heat illness. The statement released by the airline did not include information on the number of passengers who had ended up getting sick because of the extreme heat. It could also not be confirmed whether the passengers had been in the cabin of the plane on the ground for four hours.

In the statement, Delta Air Lines apologized for the experience on Flight 555 on July 17, which was ultimately canceled. They further revealed that they had launched an investigation to determine what circumstances had led to the temperature inside the cabin dropping. The Delta team also thanked the Harry Reid International Airport first responders for their assistance.

According to reports, several people from the flight had fallen ill from the extreme heat and were wheeled off by paramedics. There were also flight attendants who suffered from heat illness.

On Monday in Las Vegas, where the flight was departing from, the temperature had been 108 degrees, which is only 9 degrees lower than the record temperature of 117 that was reached on Saturday. Delta revealed that the passengers from the flight had been changed to a different flight.

The statement from Reid International Airport on Tuesday revealed that medical teams were called to respond to a call from her from the Delta flights. Planes can easily get hot, especially when changing between cooling systems.

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