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Everyone on the Conservative Free Press team is glad you’re here with us. We make it our mission to bring our readers factual, unbiased news on a daily basis. We don’t serve as protectors for any political candidate, even those in the GOP.

You deserve to know exactly what your elected politicians are doing so you can make informed decisions about who to support, whether that’s with your own acts of activism, speaking with your vote, or signaling your dissent when you make decisions on where to spend your hard-earned money each and every day.

About Our Team

We’re proud of the team we have here at Conservative Free Press. While each and every one of us is entitled to a personal opinion, we work hard to make sure individual bias never bleeds into our work. The team is focused on staying educated and informed in a rapidly changing world in order to ensure our Daily Watch and Global Perspectives pieces are on point each and every day.

Our Content Team

Our team is made up of writers, editors, and developers from all walks of life. We have a dedicated crew of journalists, formally trained editors, teachers (retired and active), ex-military members, business owners, those with political experience, and passionate patriots. Each brings a unique perspective to the table, allowing us to collaborate and ask the questions needed to dig to the core of every story we present.

Our Editorial Policy

Truth in reporting is incredibly important to us. We do not publish editorials or opinion pieces, opting instead to present the factual information you need to form your own opinions. We will share information about the editorials or opinions of your elected officials, along with the facts you need to better understand their perspectives and make informed decisions.

Contacting Conservative Free Press

While we strive for 100% accuracy, we’re only human. We encourage you to reach out at any time with questions and concerns. We take ownership of our work and will make adjustments as needed.

We love hearing from our readers. Send us your questions, comments, concerns, and your own opinions at any time. The editorial team reads each and every email and will address any and all concerns.

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