Democratic Governor Facing Backlash Following New Rule

Photo by Lesia on Unsplash

( – Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has received intense backlash following the new “newcomer rental subside” instituted by the state which will provide $500 to landlords who are willing to rent to migrants. This move comes after an illegal immigrant was arrested in the state as the suspect in a woman’s murder. 

On the website of the state, it is mentioned that there are housing challenges faced by newcomers in the state and refugees. As they point out, this program will help provide more affordable housing options while helping refugees integrate into society faster. The Midwesterner also had a report regarding the program. 

It is stated that the Newcomer Rental Subsidy program is going to help give Newcomers and Refugees rental assistance for a year which will amount to up to $500 per month. People who want to benefit from the program are required to have “eligible immigration status.” This will allow the program to be available to special immigration visa holders, asylees, refugees, and human trafficking victims. Entrants from Haiti and Cuba, as well as Ukrainian humanitarian parolees and Afghan nationals, will also be allowed to access the program.

According to the state’s guidance, individuals will only be able to stay on the program for up to 12 months. Households with two individuals can get $300 per month, this amount could climb up to $500 per month in the cases of households that have more than six individuals. 

Landlords will have the option of receiving payment through check or electronically. 

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