Gun Owners Could Soon Be Forced To Purchase an Insurance Policy

Photo by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol on Unsplash

( – In a recent report, Fox News noted that gun owners in Maryland could soon be required to spend $300,000 for insurance policy or forfeit the right to carry a gun depending on whether the new legislation is passed. 

Howard County Democrat Delegate Terri Hill introduced the bill last Thursday which would prohibit anyone who has not purchased a liability insurance policy of at least $300,000 from carrying a firearm. The legislation continues by noting that a person would not be eligible to carry or wear a firearm unless an authorized insurer has provided them with liability insurance that will cover bodily injury, property damage, and death which could potentially be the result of a person using their firearm. 

Military personnel and federal law enforcement officers are exempt from abiding by this requirement. Hill in his description of the legislation noted that this was a “common sense” measure of gun control that had been inspired by his conversations with his constituents regarding gun owners’ accountability. 

However, many have criticized the bill, including Frank Duffy, a gun advocate, who has stated that this bill would create an additional barrier that would block individuals from carrying firearms lawfully. He added that this was another attempt by the state to put an obstacle in front of people who had been trying to get their concealed carry permits. 

He further pointed out that the Supreme Court had ruled that states, including Maryland “could not require a good or substantial reason to get a permit.”

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