More Jurors Excused From Trump Trial

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Two jurors were excused from former President Donald Trump’s historical criminal trial in Manhattan on Thursday. The first juror, a woman, requested to be dismissed after reflecting on her doubts about her impartiality, influenced by external pressures from friends, family, and colleagues. The second juror, an IT professional, was dismissed after questions arose about his honesty regarding past legal issues and connections to a deferred prosecution agreement involving a relative.

These dismissals have brought the number of confirmed jurors down to five, signaling ongoing challenges in assembling a jury for the trial, which is unprecedented in that it involves a former president.

The jury selection process had seemed to progress with the initial selection of seven jurors by Tuesday. However, complications arose leading to these recent dismissals. The nurse expressed her concerns about her ability to remain fair and unbiased given the intense external scrutiny and social media exposure. Meanwhile, the IT professional faced scrutiny over a prior arrest for political actions and a family member’s legal past, which he had not disclosed.

The trial’s jury selection has been particularly intense, with potential jurors thoroughly vetted for any biases through their social media activities, personal relationships, and political inclinations. The objective is to ensure a fair trial by confirming jurors can remain impartial in a highly publicized case.

The court has also taken measures to protect jurors’ identities and personal information, reflecting heightened concerns about privacy and the influence of media on the trial’s integrity. This includes a directive from Judge Juan Merchan to journalists to avoid reporting on prospective jurors’ employers, a move aimed at reducing external pressure on the jury.

As the selection process continues, the court faces the significant task of assembling a panel of twelve jurors and six alternates, amidst widespread public knowledge of Trump and his political career. This has necessitated a more stringent selection process, acknowledging the challenge of finding jurors who have not been influenced by pervasive media coverage of Trump’s legal and political controversies.

Overall, these developments underscore the complexities and high stakes of conducting a fair trial in such a high-profile case, with ongoing legal and public scrutiny complicating the path to an impartial jury.

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