State Passes Controversial New Election Law

Photo by Phil Scroggs on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday in Wisconsin, a ballot measure that is going to block the use of private funds for election administration was passed. The Decision Desk HQ projection found that the ballot had passed with 54 percent support with 98 percent of the votes having been counted as of Wednesday morning. 

The measure questioned whether Wisconsinites believed that there should be an amendment to the state Constitution in order to block all private grants and donations from being used for the administration of referendums as well as primary and general elections. 

A separate measure on the ballot also questioned whether the state Constitution should be changed to note that election administration can only be done by designated election officials. This measure received even more support with the DDHQ projections noting that it had close to 59 percent of the vote. 

The first ballot measure had occurred after the criticisms that had occurred as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan had ended up donating to two groups millions of dollars which were given as grants that allowed local municipalities to conduct elections during the 2020 election cycle. 

The city of Milwaukee earlier this year had also accepted a grant for the Milwaukee Public Library and the Milwaukee Election Commission from the nonprofit Cities Forward. 

Republicans have argued that these efforts which were heightened during the pandemic were part of efforts to help the Democrats. However, in 2022 the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) dismissed the complaint that was focused on the donations of Zuckerberg and his wife. 

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