Americans Flocking To Three U.S. States

Photo by aurora.kreativ on Unsplash

( – Last Thursday, a new report showed that the South was the top location for the real estate market for those looking to move. The HireAHelper 2023-2024 Moving Migration Report found that North Carolina, Texas, and Florida were the three top destinations for moves.

According to the report, there were 25.6 million Americans who ended up moving in the last year, with many deciding to move to rural states that had lower costs of living.

In terms of ratios Oklahoma, Tennessee, and South Carolina had the highest net gains of people, with both South Carolina and Tennessee having a 35 percent increase, while Oklahoma had a 40 percent increase.

The top states that people moved out of were California, which had the highest net loss in residents, with 44 percent moving out, followed by New Jersey and Louisiana. New York only lost 14 percent which shows that a growing number of people were tired of the high costs of living.

Finance expert Michael Ryan, who has been living in South Florida for over two and half decades, added that there were more and more people moving to Florida each day. As he pointed out, some chose to split their time between Florida and a location in the north, while others had opted to move to North Carolina to raise their families or join cities that were growing at a fast pace.

Ryan revealed that his sister-in-law had made the move from Florida to North Carolina two years earlier.

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