Arab Americans No Longer Voting Democrat

Photo by Ash Hayes on Unsplash

( – Arab Americans have been pushing back against President Joe Biden, with one grassroots organization even calling for the President’s resignation because of his support to Israel in the war in Gaza. Several grassroots organizations have been encouraging voters to vote “uncommitted” in the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan on Feb. 27. 

Arab Americans have perceived Biden’s support for Israel as a betrayal. Israel launched a war against Hamas, which is an Iranian-backed military militia in the Gaza Strip, following the events on Oct. 7, 2023, when Hamas murdered over 1,200 Israeli citizens and took around 250 other people hostage. Biden has not yet called for a cease-fire in the conflict however he has previously attempted to push for a temporary pause which would allow the remaining hostages to be returned to Israel. Some of the hostages are believed to be Americans. 

On Tuesday, the United States vetoed a U.N. resolution that was calling for a humanitarian cease-fire in the war. This is the third time that such a resolution has been vetoed by the United States.

The Abandon Biden National Coalition in their statement has been pushing for Biden to be held accountable. Member of the coalition Hassan Abdel Salam has argued that Biden needed to do what was right for both the Democratic party as well as the United States and that at this point there was nothing the President could do to gain their support. He argued that no one was willing to tolerate “a policy of death” that had lasted this long and that it was time for accountability.

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