Biden’s 2024 Problem Gets Much Worse

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recently denied a move by the state’s Democratic Party that sought to bypass an important electoral deadline, ensuring President Biden’s placement on Ohio’s ballot, as reported by Fox News Digital. The refusal is underscored by correspondence exchanged between Yost’s office, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, and attorney Donald McTigue, who represents the Democratic interests in this issue.

Frank LaRose, a Republican, informed the Democrats earlier in the month that the Democratic National Convention was scheduled to take place well after Ohio’s deadline of August 7 for confirming presidential candidates. LaRose emphasized that legislative action by the Ohio assembly or an advance in the Democratic timetable for certifying Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as candidates would be necessary.

In response, McTigue argued in a letter dated April 9 that the Secretary of State should be able to provisionally certify the nominations of Biden and Harris before the party officially does so at its convention. He asserted that Ohio statutes permit such a provisional approach given that Biden and Harris had already amassed the required delegate support to be considered the party’s nominees.

LaRose then sought advice from Yost’s office on this proposed workaround. However, the Attorney General dismissed the idea in a statement released Monday, asserting that Ohio law does not allow for “provisional certification” by the statutory deadline. Yost clarified that the law explicitly requires the Democratic Party to officially certify its candidates for president and vice-president by August 7, 2024, without any alternative procedures being sanctioned.

Yost’s office firmly stated, “The Secretary of State does not have the authority to accept ‘provisional certifications’ from the Democratic Party according to [the law]. The Democratic Party must formally certify its presidential candidates by or before August 7, 2024, in order to appear on the 2024 General Election ballot.”

Despite these legal hurdles, Biden’s campaign maintains a steadfast assertion that he will feature on the ballots in “all 50 states.”

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