Christian Business Flips on Republicans

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

( – Recent information about Chick-fil-A having a VP of (DEI) Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion has led to many groups pushing for a boycott against the fast-food company. This move has in part been caused by the fact that the fast-food chain had benefited in the past from its religious roots and its move to provide financial support to anti-LGBTQ organizations. However, Erick McReynolds, Vice President, DEI, who has worked for the company’s segment since 2020, has said in a recent statement that the company had “gone woke.”

It is not yet clear why social media became flooded with news about Chick-fil-A’s previous DEI initiatives now, but that might have been caused by the viral posts covering the matter that was recently released. In loose terms, DEI’s principles followed by companies and organizations that often include programs and initiatives that include improving the work environment in those areas. This often includes more diverse hires, equal pay for different people, training for non-minority employees on how to assist those who are in a minority, and other practices that conservatives have slammed in recent years.

McReynolds previously stated that DEI is an important part of the company’s corporate purpose, as the fast food chain is known for being a positive work environment for their employees where people will be treated well and with respect.

Tuesday’s announcement led to political strategist Joey Mannarino tweeting out a poll asking whether they should boycott the company. So far, the poll has 45,000 votes. Some respondents have stated that Chick-fil-A should “stand by their Christian values,” while others questioned how these programs went against those values.

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