Democrat Rages at Supreme Court for Securing the Border

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) has expressed disagreement about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday which would allow a Texas law giving law enforcement officers the right to arrest anyone they suspected of having illegally crossed through the country to go into effect. 

Cuellar has argued that he disagreed with this move as the state is not in a position to enforce immigration laws. The ruling also resulted in a number of questions regarding the implementation of the law and the border security task force. 

In an appearance on “The Hill” on NewsNation, Cuellar had claimed that he disagreed with the Supreme Court about how the state had the right to enforce immigration laws. He added that when he looked at the Arizona case from about a decade ago, the Supreme Court had argued that regardless of how the state felt, when it came to immigration enforcement and reform it all fell onto the federal government. 

He added that if there was one thing that they did know was that this was temporary and that they were not aware of what would happen after the Fifth Circuit had ruled on it and the case had gone to the Supreme Court. He had argued though that the one thing he did feel was that there were many questions. 

The Supreme Court’s order in this case is not final, as it only gives the Texas statute the right to be implemented. Texas has continuously claimed that as the Biden administration was not willing to protect the Southern border, the state should have the right to defend itself. 

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